Tuesday, December 6, 2011

25 Days Of Christmas - Parga's Junkyard

On the 6th Day of 25 Days of Christmas, Parga's Junkyard gave to you....fresh new Christmas Party Ideas.

Do you either host your own Christmas Parties and/or Open House or attend at least one during the holidays where you feel compelled to bring a dish? Do you like to find something new and exciting or do you tend to stick with the old reliable recipes your mother passed down to you?

Let's face it, any Holiday Party is only as memorable as the food served! Well, other than the stories about who drank too much and who sat on who's lap, that is! But what should you serve this year that will be the talk of the town as we round the corner towards 2012? What can you cook that will be any different from the rest of the parties and open houses your guests will be attending this year? Are you looking for some new recipes? Other than the usual and much used party crackers with pepperoni and cheese why not try some fresh new ideas?

head over to Parga's Junkyard to read the entire post!


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