Saturday, December 31, 2011

New Year's Resolutions

I generally don't make resolutions for the New Year because I generally don't keep ANY of them.  This year however, I've decided to make a FEW that I hope to fulfill and here they are....

  1. Complete projects that I start - Need I say more!!!
  2. Redesign blog - I am technically challenged but I will give it my best.
  3. Start a linking party on Larissa Hill Designs - Any and all advice welcome.
  4. Take an art course - Something I've always wanted to do.
  5. And finally, run a 5K - I can't believe I put this on my list.
What are your resolutions this year?  Wish me luck....


  1. these are FABULOUS!!!!! applause!!! great way to start the new year off! hugs...

  2. From what I've learned about you since your delightful Blogs began, I'm pretty certain you will accomplish all of your resolutions...I intend to walk more (haven't started yet, tho') & that's about it!

  3. Just saying....your blog is pretty incredible the way it is. Colors, projects, textures-beyond great.

    I just stole your #1 resolution and don't why the end part of project never occurs to me; maybe because the beginning is mega exciting.

    Some items on my 2013 list are: allow peaceful time each day, spend time teaching as well as learning and give back and encourage others.

    Happy New Year
    La Verne